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About the thousand for a thousand campaign

The Thousand for a Thousand campaign has a single goal: Rally the Small Business community to help fund a cure and treatment for ALS. This is the vision of ALS ONE, a nonprofit created by Kevin Gosnell. Kevin is a small business owner who was diagnosed in May of 2015, and dedicated his remaining time to uniting the best doctors and researchers in the field, and helping raise funds to fuel their efforts

This May is both Small Business and ALS Awareness Month. So we are asking 1,000 small businesses to each donate $1,000 to help one of their own in need. And help us reach our goal of $1 Million to benefit ALS ONE.

If you go alone you’ll get stuck, if you go together you’ll go far
Kevin Gosnell
Founder of ALS ONE

Become One in a Thousand

Donate Now

If you would like to make your contribution by check, checks can be made out to ALS One and mailed to:

8 Industrial Way
Whitman, MA 02382